At Dominion Financial Management, we do not pick individual funds as we feel this is best left to highly specialised Asset Managers that have the financial resource and capability to research this huge market accurately and professionally.

Our investment proposition is to provide our clients with investment options from our researched list of Asset Managers that best suit each objective and risk profile.

There are many different ways and strategies to invest in the UK. We have developed an investment proposition by selecting market leading Asset Managers in accordance with each of these strategies.

These are the Asset Managers we have researched for our current Centralised Investment Proposition but this is continually reviewed to ensure they remain suitable for our clients.

Environmental, Social & Governance Investing

The tremendous toll of the COVID-19 crisis – on health, economic well-being, and everyday activity – has precipitated a widespread reassessment of the way we live our lives. For governments, businesses, and investors, an essential question has been to understand the sources of resilience during these past few months and how to build on them to prepare for future crises.

Global equity markets signalled the severity of the crisis before much of the world had begun its lockdowns. Equities began their steep descent in late February, and in the course of one month, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell over 10,000 points (34%)1, demand for cash soared, and economic activity ground to a halt as businesses were forcibly shut down and people directed to stay inside. Amidst this volatile environment, investors have been seeking to understand what characteristics contributed to comparative resilience in portfolios’ performance and how to incorporate these characteristics in their own investments.

The concept of sustainable investing can mean different things. Asset owners and asset managers often operate with multiple definitions, messages and motivations. Dominion Financial Management Limited  operate from a simple definition of sustainable investing: Combining traditional investing with environmental, social, and governance-related (ESG) insights to improve long-term outcomes for our clients. Our view: Companies with strong profiles on material sustainability issues have potential to outperform those with poor profiles. In particular, we believe companies managed with a focus on sustainability should be better positioned versus their less sustainable peers to weather adverse conditions while still benefitting from positive market environments.

Many of our clients have expressed a deep interest in ESG investments and whilst some clients may not share those views, we believe that some exposure to these in a balanced investment portfolio may be suitable.

Note: We regularly review each Asset Manager and this list will change from time to time

Tier 1 Investor Visa

“Our Investment Visa Service offers Tier 1 investors the ability to meet the Home Office UK immigration processes”

The objective of Tier 1 Investors

To achieve UK residency and potentially obtain UK citizenship. Most of our clients are motivated to provide a good level of private education for their children in the UK. Many of our clients will still retain their business interests in their country of origin and manage them on an ongoing basis. Our service comprises a start to finish offering which embraces the Visa application process, the opening of a UK Bank account and the appointment of an Investment Provider to ensure the monies are invested in a Home Office compliant manner.

Our Bespoke Service

Our Bespoke Service aims to meet the regimented Home Office requirements which are often subject to change.

We offer an initial meeting (no charge) either face to face or by way of Skype or a telephone call to establish your circumstances, objectives, and timescales.

We liaise with your existing overseas Immigration Adviser or provide one for you who are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner.

We facilitate the opening of a UK Bank Account which is an important step in the Home Office process.

As we are Independent Financial Advisers and our firm is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we review the whole of the UK market place and recommend an Investment Provider that is familiar with the Home Office restrictions in relation to what assets can be held within a Tier 1 Investor.

We ensure the above Investment Provider has sound financial backing and offers charges which are competitive.

Once the Visa is issued and you arrive in the UK, we continue to liaise with all the above individuals and the Home Office to ensure the process flows as smoothly as possible.

We normally meet at least annually thereafter or more regularly if you prefer, to ensure the Home Office and the Financial Conduct Authority requirements continue to be met.

Model Portfolios (Lower Cost)

Investment comes with expectations. Investors may seek high returns, low risk, tax efficiency and perhaps even social status. A financial advisor can assemble a model portfolio for investors and illustrate how it will achieve their goals.

Model portfolios are a diversified group of assets designed to achieve an expected return with a corresponding risk. Ideally, each portfolio has a combination of managed investments based on extensive research. These portfolio blend asset classes, investment managers and investment strategies to achieve diversification.

We liaise with the investment managers to offer a variety of portfolios to correspond with your financial goals and objectives. Model portfolios allow investors to use simple and effective investment methods that require minimal management effort.

There are several advantages to investing in a model portfolio. Here are a few benefits you should consider when determining if this is the right investment choice for your financial goals and objectives.


A model portfolio allows you to diversify your assets. Diversification is an investment strategy that helps investors reduce risk by distributing funds across multiple financial vehicles, asset categories and industries. To maximise returns while reducing risk exposure, financial advisors select investments that may react in different ways when the same event occurs.

For instance, let’s say you decide to invest in railroad stocks. Then railroad workers go on strike and stock prices plummet. This scenario would cause your portfolio to take a severe hit. However, if you also invested in airline stocks, you may see an increase in share prices as people fly instead of taking trains. But, it could also have a negative impact on this stock because both are in the transportation industry. So, in an ideal scenario, you want to invest in a wide variety of securities in different industries to avoid a big loss when an event, such as our imagined railroad incident occurs

Bespoke Discretionary Fund Management

In an ever-changing and complex financial and political environment, it’s a full-time job to understand where the best investment opportunities might lie. If you’re looking to preserve or grow your wealth, but you don’t have the expertise, time or the inclination, a discretionary wealth manager could help. We have the in-depth knowledge and broad technical expertise to liaise with a Discretionary Fund Manager in order build a bespoke portfolio to help you reach your objectives.

Building an investment portfolio tailored to your needs is not a straightforward task. We will ensure the DFM understands your objectives before digging deeper to appreciate your specific circumstances.

There are many factors, which will be unique to you which we will need to understand, such as:

  • Why you are investing – to protect, grow or draw income from your portfolio
  • How long you are looking to invest for
  • Your capacity for and attitude towards taking risk
  • How much you have to invest
  • Investments tailored to you

The DFM we recommend will have the experience and knowledge to invest directly into stocks and bonds, while utilising the full range of modern portfolio tools. We look at their past performance and charges to make sure we recommend a DFM which is best placed to provide you with a suitable investment which is bespoke to your circumstances and objectives.