What our clients are saying…

Some recent feedback from our clients:

Sue H:

“Needed help of Dominion to achieve pension transfer from UK, which they did in a good timeline.”

Peter M:

“I believe the process was more complex than we expected, however we were extremely grateful to have such a good team supporting us throughout the process. I believe the fee was worth it.”

Ray P:

“The process was more complex and certainly more lengthy than I anticipated, but I feel that we were guided through it very well, and I am very pleased with the service we have had.”

Kofi A:

“I am extremely happy with the services that Dominion Financial Management provided. Dominion made my life so much easier and I will highly recommend their services to anyone that wishes to transfer their pension funds from the UK to Canada or any other country. I am a very happy and satisfied customer.”

David W:

“Dominion Financial Management were very thorough, detailed and guided me through my pension transfer at every step very well. I cannot think of anything that could be improved”

David Y:

“My case – a UK pension transfer to my SMSF in Australia was a stressful and drawn out process due to the sheer incompetence of Scottish Widows and the people there who handled my case.
Jim and Helen from Dominion were simply outstanding, their perseverance in the face of Scottish Widows behaviour is to be commended and recognised at the highest level. To say they went above and beyond would be an understatement . Quite simply without their help and actions I fear I would never have received the money in my pension. They are now assisting in our compensation claim against Scottish Widows.
I would recommend Dominion to anyone seeking pension transfer assistance”